Launching Street Smarts!

Exciting news! Today, we set a day and time for launching Street Smarts! I’ve devoted a page of my blog to the program (just click next to the “about” page under the header), but briefly, Street Smarts is a breast cancer education program targeting homeless women. Edwina (Sanders) and Lisa Brown, who also has stage 4 breast cancer, are both consultants for the program, offering ideas on how to reach this population and suggestions for the kinds of messages that are most likely to resonate. They came up with a fantastic slogan for the tote bags each woman will receive at the event–I can’t wait to share it!

Linda Saether, a reporter who freelances for CNN, will be spending a couple of days with everyone involved and shooting the event to air on HLN (Headline News, both the television station and the website). I’m thrilled, since my long-term goal is to make this program what people call a “best practice”–an approach that can be shared and reproduced with modifications in a variety of settings. The program addresses more than just a health need–it’s an attempt to recognize some of the foundational causes of health care disparity, especially as it relates to cancer, among this population.

I have many people to thank for helping me to get Street Smarts up and running. A few of these folks are Edwina and Lisa (of course); Rachael Martin, fast friend and assistant pastor at Church of the Reconciler where I first met Edwina, Lisa, and many others; women from North Central Alabama Susan G. Komen for the Cure–especially Ellen, Mandy, Beverly, Kathy, and Shirley for believing in the program and partnering with me to see it in action; Stephanie and all of the wonderful nurses in Clinic E at Cooper Green Hospital; my student assistant Erin Akery; and volunteers throughout the city.

I’ll keep you all posted on the program and add pictures of the event after June 17, Stay tuned to HLN for more! And for those of you following coverage of my advocacy on behalf of the homeless, there’s still a segment on CBS Evening News with . . . whomever replaced Katie Couric in the works!


2 thoughts on “Launching Street Smarts!

  1. I volunteered to help with this project and I’m scheduled to take the training class on Tuesday. I am very excited!

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