Edwina and me

I just got a call from a factchecker in New York who told me that as of this minute, the segment about Edwina and me will be showing on The CBS Evening News tonight. Once it airs, it will also be available for viewing online, so I’ll be sure to post the story on my blog as well. Of course, football (apparently, lots of it) may bump the story, or the show, altogether.

When I got the news, I called Edwina to let her know. She sounded completely drained and said that her pain mediciation isn’t working and she’s having to carry a heating pad to bed with her to be able to sleep. I told her that we need to check with the pain doctor to see if there’s another option. So, some calls and a possible visit to Cooper Green will be on the schedule for next week.

My excitement over the CBS segment immediately fell to a low when I talked to Edwina and had to face the fact that she’s declining steadily–even in remission, cancer continues to take a toll on Edwina, whether it’s her back or her knees or the aches and pains that never quite go away after surgery and chemo.

She sounded pretty down, and I felt like a heel for calling with the “good news” that our story was going to air. “Really?” she replied. “I’m gonna watch for it.” So it goes.


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