A doll of her own

Sunday afternoon, I took Edwina Christmas shopping. Every year, Bruce, the girls and I select an angel or two from the “Angel Tree” at our church and purchase some of the items on their wish lists. When Edwina started telling me about how much Aubrey, her son’s girlfriend’s daughter (of pink icing fame), wants a bike for Christmas, Bruce and I decided to adopt her for the holidays. Actually, we agreed to take Edwina shopping for the gifts and then let her wrap them and place them under her tree (the first in her own apartment!).

“They from me and Santa?” Edwina asked.

“Oh, yeah. These are your gifts to Aubrey,” I assured her.

The bike aisle was our first stop. Edwina had me pull down a couple of choices, which she eyed keenly before selecting the pastel Hello, Kitty bike sporting a Hello, Kitty bag on top of the handle bars.

With Kitty safely tucked into my shopping cart, Edwina rolled ahead of me down the row filled with girls’ toys. She found a baby doll that wets and cries (I could probably do without the crying, personally), a handheld game, a coloring book and crayons.

Just when I thought we’d reached the end of the aisle (and our shopping expedition), Edwina called me back.

“Look here, Miss Rayan. It’s a Dora doll and it talks. I’m gettin’ that.”

On we rolled to pick up some lights and ornaments for the tree, wrapping paper and bows.  Somewhere along the way, Edwina popped a $.97 Santa Claus hat on her head, making it clear that she’d be wearing it throughout the season.

To the front of the store we went, Edwina telling the cashier about the gifts and “the girl” she was planning to surprise on Christmas morning.

“Oh, look at that Dora doll. She’s gonna love this,” the cashier said, smiling at Edwina and me.

“That doll’s for me,” Edwina promptly answered. “I’m gonna be talking to her all day long in my house.”

She wasn’t kidding. In fact, Edwina talked about Dora much of the way back home, eager to start the holidays.


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