On my way to work today, I found myself driving alongside a yellow jeep. The sign on the side revealed the driver worked for Wayne’s Pest Control, a company in Birmingham that made frequent visits to our first house in the area. Try as we might, we never quite rid the place of ants–I think the house must have been built right on top of a mound of the little creatures.

It wasn’t the painted sign or the yellow shade of the vehicle that caught my attention, though. Rather, it was the license plate that revealed a large pink ribbon-one of the themed options we all have when we renew our license plates and want to announce our passion for a particular cause at the same time.

Something about the juxtaposition made me laugh. Think about it: here’s a guy on a mission to rid the city of pests (bugs, rodents and the like) who is also committed to ridding the world of a pesky disease–or at least make sure it doesn’t invade more homes than necessary.


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