Home for Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve. Edwina called this morning to ask when I’ll be stopping by her apartment with the Hello, Kitty bike she’s going to surprise Aubrey with. The wheels were a little loose and the tires a bit flat, so Bruce checked it over. Now, it’s ready to go–and Edwina has the perfect hiding spot for it until tomorrow morning

Edwina's apartment at Christmas


Despite saying that Edwina gives back a lot to me, that she makes me think differently about my own life and diagnosis, most of my posts tend to focus on what I’m attempting to do for her. But I’ve noticed this Christmas that Edwina is thrilled to be in a position to play Santa Claus to Aubrey.

As soon as we returned from our shopping trip a few weeks ago, she wrapped her presents for “the girl” and added bows and ribbons to make them extra special. She also hid the talking Dora doll in the closet so Aubrey wouldn’t think she was hers!

I’m not sure Edwina has ever had the means to give presents, and she’s never seemed happier. She called me three times this morning to make sure I’m coming, that I know the plan for drop-off, and that I remember the bike and other gifts are from her (not my family). I got it. She’s home and she’s the boss.


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