On the banks of the Bag(h)mati

B-Metro, a city magazine in Birmingham, just released the February 2012 issue including a feature story I wrote. “On the Banks of the Baghmati” recounts my experiences at Pashupatinath Temple in Nepal when I traveled there this past summer with two art history profs and students from UAB and Virginia Commonwealth University.

It’s difficult to convey the powerful emotions I felt standing on the banks of this famous river running through the southern portion of the country, where Hindus and Buddhists come to give offerings and where families come to bid their loved ones farewell as they continue on their karmic journey. One remnant of the experience that I did not anticipate was a lasting sense of calm. I think you’ll see what I mean when you read the story: http://b-metro.com/on-the-banks-of-the-baghmati/4854/

By the way, I put the “h” in parentheses in the title to this post because the editors chose a less standard spelling for the river.


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