Cancer hits the courts

Edwina, Celia, and me at the pregame lunch


Today, Edwina accompanied Celia and me to Bartow Arena for the “Play 4 Kay” event.  Breast cancer survivors were treated to a pregame lunch and then headed onto the basketball court with the UAB women’s basketball team to throw freethrows. Edwina didn’t want to shoot baskets, but she cheered me on from the sidelines and was all about the lunch and free goodies: t-shirts, a jersey signed by all of the team players, and her own set of pink pom-pons.

As we left the arena, I asked Edwina what she thought.

“That was a whole lotta fun, I ain’t never been to a game before,” she told me, still a little breathless from making her way back to the car.

Turns out, Edwina hasn’t been to any kind of sporting event in person, but she watches all sorts of sports on TV. It quickly became evident that she knew the rules of the game for basketball, as she shouted out instructions to the players and rallied on the Blazers every time one of them made a basket or stole the ball from the opposing team. You go, girl!


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