Trademarks and other nonsense

For many, many months, I’ve been attempting to apply for a trademark for Street Smarts, both the name and tagline (Be street smart and survive), as well as the concept: a breast cancer education program for homeless women provided in a spa environment. While the delay in getting the application in is partially my own fault–too many things to do when I wake up in the morning–I’ve also come to the conclusion that such bureaucratic processes are inherently nonsensical. How else can I explain the impossibility of printing out the online form along the way? Or the government sending me a booklet on patents (which I am NOT applying for) without information on trademarks, the one thing I requested before paying the application fee and hitting send? 

Today, I will sit in front of the computer and get the application finished and submitted. I’m a writer, used to twisting and turning words on a page to get my point across.

This task is bigger, though. I want Street Smarts to be launched in other cities to help other communities of homeless women. I want the spirit of Street Smarts to grow. What I don’t want is someone redirecting my passion in a way that fails to benefit women like Edwina and Lisa.


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