Reality check

I had a couple of “duh” moments today that made me think I need to pay more attention to my own blog posts. Feeling sorry for myself that I still haven’t heard anything from the editors currently considering my story on Autism Care Nepal, reality smacked me swiftly in the face.

A student who has been in many of my courses came to see me during office hours. It turns out that with a new baby (her third) and a demanding job requiring close to 13 hours a day (plus weekends), she’s fallen too far behind physically and mentally to keep up with school. She’s planning to take a break before attempting to inch back into classes–spacing them out in hopes of graduating a few years down the line (as opposed to next year as originally planned).

When I arrived home, an email awaited me from a friend and fellow breast cancer survivor in my exercise class. As she was getting ready for work this morning, she received a call from someone at her temp job telling her there was no need to come in today. She’s been laid off with no back-up plan in sight.

The world of work for many women is unpredictable. I feel like a heel for mourning a disappointment that really isn’t much of one in the grand scheme of things.


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