A haunting read

In preparation for a trip to England, I recently delved into a gothic ghost story set in the fictional town of Waringstoke, Simone St. James’ The Haunting of Molly Clare. I’m not usually a fan of scary tales–real life is frightful enough most of the time–but this was a fabulous read.

Molly Clare refuses to leave this world because she hasn’t yet finished setting straight the story of her life. I’ll leave the juicy details about what needs to be set straight from Molly’s past out of this post, but the story did get me thinking about the ways in which cancer and other crises get many of us side-tracked or at least awaken us to the crunch we face trying to fulfill the goals and adventures we have laid before us.

There are days when I look at my calendar and laugh at the ludicrous plethora of places and projects left to be done, all alongside the everyday tasks we uber-moms undertake. More often, I sigh or even cry at the prospect of the challenge. But when it comes down to it, there’s rarely an item that I want to mark off.

Having goals, knowing that there’s more living that lies ahead, keeps me moving forward. I don’t want to leave this world regretting that I didn’t at least try to get my story straight.


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