School daze

Same pose, new schools

The first day of school! The girls were tolerant enough to allow me to snap their photos on the way out the door.

Every year since they started school, I’ve taken a picture of my girls standing on the outside stairs. Hitting pause for a momentary glimpse, these first-day photos have become just one of the ways for me to measure how quickly my daughters are becoming young women (who, by the way, have moved beyond uniforms into their own unique style). Still, I find myself in a daze every August when I stand back and look at the smiling faces on the screen. How did they get to be this age? When did the everyday moments–sitting in carpool, running to Walmart for school supplies, nagging one or the other to finish up the night’s homework–turn into years?

As much as I lament the brevity of time I’ll have with my girls in the grand scheme of things, I’m also thankful that I am here–healthy and involved in their lives. And, I recognize that I am privileged to be able to drive them to school every morning, share a snack while they (and I) do homework, and tuck them safely into bed at night. I know from Edwina that not everyone is so lucky.


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