Place matters

I headed up three articles that appeared in today’s Birmingham News “Viewpoints” section. I’ve been wanting to get these pieces out since attending the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research in Chicago earlier this spring.

The first article was co-written by Ellen Zahariadis, director of North Central Alabama Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and me: We take on the lack of breast cancer screening coverage for low-income/unisured women under 40 in the state.

A second piece, which I edited drawing on information provided by three women in the city who are involved in education and community outreach, Thelma Perry Brown, Claudia Hardy, and Allison McGuire, reveals the importance of addressing disparate populations of women in context when it comes to health:

And the final article, which I edited ever-so-slightly, was written by medical journalist Erin Thacker and research advocate Beverly Laird: Erin and Beverly bring attention to the many exciting research projects currently underway around the world, focusing in particular on the work being done at UAB.

I hope today’s words help readers to realize that while Alabama has plenty of equity gaps in health care requiring our attention, we’re also making strides thanks to survivors and advocates who care.


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