Media(ting) Madness

As much as I love logging onto my computer every morning to see what’s going on in the world, as well as in the lives of my favorite social media friends, sometimes the plethora of information and continual commentary on said information is a tad much. At the risk of sounding like an old fogey, things aren’t as simple as they used to be for us writers.

The October pink is already on–with magazines, newspapers, blogs, and TV talk shows telling and retelling stories of survivorship, cutting-edge research, screening guidelines, and of course, tips for supporting the cure by buying pink. Some notable products this year include a pink ergonomic chair, pink Christmas tree ornaments, and a shiny pink wreath suitable for hanging on a front door, office wall, car grill–you name it!

Commercialism aside, I find myself caught up each year in an increasingly frantic chase to be one of the lucky freelancers to get  a story in print or online. And in a media world that never slows down, coming in first is immensely, frustratingly, excitingly challenging.

One case in point is the work I’m doing with David Jay, the photographer who traveled to Alabama to document images of young women with breast cancer. I’ve commited hours to interviewing each woman and uncovering a wealth of stories, and while several pubs are in the works for the spring, the iron is so hot at the moment that it’s hard to turn away.

So, queries are sent out. Personal essays are submitted in full. New angles are attempted and revamped.

Fortunately, I’ve nailed down one publication–online, this time around–that is proving to be very exciting. I’m working with Hina P. Ansari, a blog writer from Huffington Post Canada, to tell the stories of four of the women David photographed. All have Triple Negative breast cancer and are struggling with a host of health care and life issues.

Here’s a link to one of Hina’s recent posts:

Stay tuned for this first of (what I hope are) many contributions to the madness of breast cancer coverage in the media during the month of October!

Oh, and a side note: Hina is the granddaughter of a well-known Bollywood director and actor known as the “Hitchcock of Bollywood.” How utterly cool is that?!


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