Another mouth to feed, sort of

I headed over to Edwina’s a couple of days ago to deliver the much-awaited soap–finally discoverng five free minutes that coincided with Edwina’s schedule. When I walked in, a tiny little pup headed towards me, growling and backing his way under a side table.

“Shut up down there!” Edwina hollered. “Miss Rayan ain’t gonna hurt you none.”

“Who’s that?” I asked.

“That’s my new baby, Chick-o. C-H-I-C-K [pause] O. I love him,” she answered back, leaning in to share kisses with her “baby.”

“He’s adorable,” I told her. “I’ll take a picture of you two the next time I come.”

“Okay. He sleeps with me and everything. Gets right up there on the bed with me. Sits on my lap while I watchin’ TV or doin’ my puzzles,” she said, leaning in for another kiss.

“He not just my baby. He my husband, better than the one I got,” she went on, laughing off the insult she’d just sent Tyrone’s way.

Chick-o might be another mouth to feed. But I’d say he’s worth it.


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