“The best is yet to come”

At last, the election has ended and Barack is back in office for four more years. In his celebratory address to the crowd in Chicago last night, he promised that “the best is yet to come.” I’m counting on it.

Several times over the course of the past tumultuous months, Edwina and I have chatted about the race for the White House. I’m not sure if she made it out of her apartment to vote yesterday, but I know she was pro-Obama. She’s told me that she thinks Obama is “good, cause he want everybody to have somethin.” That’s a big deal for us all, but especially someone like Edwina, who’s spent most of her life with a whole lot of nothing.

I wonder if she knows that Barack’s re-election may mean something very important for her as Cooper Green continues to struggle with keeping its doors open and other local hospitals are in the process of taking on patients, many of whom won’t be able to pay and bring a lifetime of poor health with them. I’m going to give her a call and see what she thinks about how things turned out last night.


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