Something worth smiling about

Edwina and Chick-o

Edwina and Chick-o

Just as I was packing up to leave work yesterday, Edwina’s text came through. She was all smiles, grinning at me from the screen with perfectly-straight, shiny white teeth. Finally, she had dentures.

“You look beautiful,” I texted back. “Just like a movie star.”

“No. For real? I look like a movie star?” she asked.

So this afternoon, I headed Edwina’s way to snap a photo of my own.

“I love ’em, but they hurtin some,” Edwina said when I walked through the door. It turns out that the plate is a little too thick on top, so Edwina has to go back to The Foundry to get some trimmed off.

With Chick-o by her side, Edwina has plenty to smile about.

Edwina's sparkling whites

Edwina’s sparkling whites


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