The Alabama Project

After a bit of a hiatus, I’m back to blogging. The past month has been super busy with preparations underway for the combined exhibit I’m helping to put together for the UAB Visual Arts Gallery: The SCAR Project alongside The Alabama Project, featuring the documentary-style photos of five local breast cancer survivors that I’ve interviewed and written about. Photographer David Jay, along with his assistants Lauren Culpepper and Joules Evans, will be flying down to B’ham to attend the opening week’s events, including an artist reception on January 11.

Just yesterday, I learned that Joe O’Donnell, editor of the slick local magazine b-metro, will bring copies of the January issue featuring a photoessay (my text and David’s pics) on each survivor’s journey to the exhibit reception to hand out to all attendees. We’ll also be showing the Emmy-winning documentary about The SCAR Project, Baring It All, throughout the exhibit. Anybody in the area, or anyone keen on traveling to B’ham, is welcome to come and share in the fun!

The following link will take you to a guest blog post I penned for The SCAR Project blog, as well as a press release about this very special and very powerful show:


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