To the gallery

Edwina visiting the gallery

Edwina visiting the gallery

Since my schedule got a tad off track last week. I had to postpone taking Edwina to see the combined exhibit of The Alabama Project and The SCAR Project until today. On the way in, I told her what kind of photos she’d be seeing–women who have gone through breast cancer and have the physical (and emotional) scars to prove it.

“Alright then,” she nodded, walking the few feet from my car to the gallery door.

Once inside, Edwina didn’t say much. She looked around quietly and murmured a quiet comment or two as she stood before some of the pictures.

We came across one of the photos showing a woman captured on film midway through reconstruction. The lines across her chest revealed implants, but no nipples had yet been added.

“Why she look like that?” Edwina asked me.

“Oh, that’s what reconstruction looks like,” I said, remembering that Edwina hadn’t had the procedure and wouldn’t necessarily know what to expect.

We strolled around the back of the gallery where the SCAR girls’ portraits hang and then headed back to the front. I told her about a couple of the Alabama women: Leah was just 18 when diagnosed, and Raquel found out she was pregnant with baby Rob when she was undergoing radiation treatment.

“For real? He a real cute baby.”

I snapped Edwina’s photo in front of a picture of Raquel and her kids, since it was the one she liked the most.

We headed upstairs to my office, so Edwina could see for herself where I hide out a lot of the time. Then, we strolled down to Bruce’s office.

“What did you think of the exhibit?” he asked Edwina.

“It’s something to think about, that’s for sure,” she replied.


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