So what?

The UAB College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Magazine just premiered onlilne:

As members of the editorial board, myself included, sat around a conference table brainstorming articles for the first issue, I made the remark that given the current social climate in Birmingham and beyond, we needed to address the question “so what?” How, at the end of the day, does our work at the university¬†matter to those outside our walls?

Turns out, I should have kept my mouth shut. The other members of the board thought it was a great comment, great enough to assign me a column at the close of the issue answering that very question.

As we plan the second issue, I’ve been assigned the column once again (I guess I did an okay job the first time around). The picture really has to go, though–I’m not, truly, as angry and stubborn as I appear!


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