A student of mine who attended the combined exhibit of The Alabama Project and The SCAR Project at UAB just sent me a story from today’s New York Times’ “Well” about The SCAR Project: http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/03/28/living-with-cancer-the-scar-project/?ref=health

The story was written by Susan Gubar, a well-known literary critic who I happened to meet in person many years ago when we first moved to Birmingham and attended the English Alumni Lecture given by Dr. Gubar. I remember sharing a ride with her from the reception to the lecture and conversing about the kind of work I did. I told her about my interest in cancer discourse, and she seemed genuinely intrigued.

This past summer while en route to England, I came across Gubar’s memoir Living with Cancer about her experiences with metastasized ovarian cancer. I found myself reading Gubar’s words during the long flight, on trains as I darted in and out of London, and at night before drifting off to sleep (or attempting to drift back to sleep as my body adjusted to the time change). Her story was powerful, as she addressed the unnatural process of discovering cancer in a body that had carried her well for decades and the shifting perspective she gained with each round of treatments and the possibility that the present therapy would be the last (of her cancer experience and/or perhaps her life).

I was glad to have the opportunity to hear from Dr. Gubar once again today.


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