Birthday wishes

Today is my brother’s 53rd birthday. It’s a weird feeling, knowing that he’s out there but no one in my immediate or extended family is in touch. Even his best friend has turned his back.

We’re all operating on the notion that if we give an inch by contacting Joe, he’ll likely take a mile by calling repeatedly to sling insults and distorted truths our way. We’re scared to let him back into our lives when he is dangerously unstable and refuses to get help for problems he claims don’t exist.

For as long as I can remember, my brother has wreaked havoc just about everywhere he goes. The drug addiction and alcoholism that began when he was a teen only intensified his behavior.

Now, at 53, the years of bad habits and unchecked anger have landed my brother in a bad place–one that I’m not sure he’ll ever escape. My wish for him is a day of relative peace.


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