David Jay and his assistant, Lauren, have returned to Alabama to photograph more women for the traveling exhibit of The Alabama Project. This time around, we’re heading into Marengo, Hale, and Greene Counties–all part of the Black Belt–to interview some of the poorest in the state, and the country, for that matter. Once again, we’ll be talking to cancer survivors who lacked a steady income, insurance benefits, proper health information, transportation, or other kinds of necessary support when they were diagnosed.

Yesterday and today, David shot a few more photos of two of the original Alabama Project models: Whitni and Brittney. Both have experienced some changes since we last spoke in January: downsized apartments that ease some of their financial strain, a return to school, and a new puppy named Bella for Brittney and her husband Brandon.

We sat in on Whitni and her mom during David’s shoot, learning more about their divergent views on health and cancer treatment. Brittney was working, braiding a client’s hair, as David photographed her. It was great seeing these strong women moving on with their lives despite the obstacles they’ve faced.

Tomorrow, our eavesdropping may not be as simple or as satisfying. From what we’ve heard about conditions in the Black Belt, we’re in for a bit of a rude awakening.


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