The Browns

Tomorrow, Michael Brown’s memorial service will be held at Church of the Reconciler. He died suddenly from a heart attack on July 4, while celebrating with family.

Michael is married to Lisa Brown, one of the breast cancer survivors I met soon after Edwina who was making a life for herself on the street at the same time she was dealing with her diagnosis. She told me that Michael saw past all of her weaknesses and loved her anyway.

When Lisa first discovered a lump in her breast, she was serving time at Tutwiler Prison for Women in Alabama. The attendants in the infirmary shooed her away, figuring she was exaggerating the sudden growth and pain of the lump. It took several months for her to get a proper diagnosis–only after she had been transferred to the Lovelady Center for former female inmates and was among women trying to rebuild their lives.

Lisa’s journey through cancer has been filled with challenges. She’s experienced several recurrences, emotional turmoil, and escapes to her former life as a drug addict when the pain and fear became too much. Each time, Michael stayed behind and remained steady, waiting for Lisa to return. She always did.

Tomorrow and every day after will be difficult for Lisa, but I’m certain that she’ll discover her own strength along the way.


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