A story appearing on MSN reports that a lot of cancer survivors take risks after diagnosis that they never would have before:

So many times, someone has questioned my yearning to visit potentially dangerous places (homeless camps, Edwina’s neighborhood on the west end of Birmingham, regions of the world plagued by political unrest, etc.) given that I’ve already been through the ringer as a two-time breast cancer survivor. After surviving a run-in with a bull in a Hindu temple in 2008, I remember friends saying they bet that incident put an end to my travels to India. Nope. I returned this past summer (in the interim, visiting Zambia, Botswana, and Nepal).

The article puts into perspective what I’ve been feeling for 20 years now. Once you’ve survived cancer, what most of us would consider one of our greatest fears, everything else seems pretty tame. Plus, there’s nothing like the adrenaline that sets in when we push limits. The rush confirms that we’re alive.


2 thoughts on “Invincible

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