Why oh wi-fi?

We’re mixing Thanksgiving up a bit this year and heading home to Illinois for a few days. Usually, my parents drive to Alabama for the festivities, getting a relative dose of warm weather before the harshness of a midwestern winter settles in. This year, we’re opting for a relative dose of brrrrr instead.

As Bruce and I chatted with the girls about what they might want to pack for the long car ride and what we might do while staying with Grandma and Papa, Celia shot me a look that said, “Wait a minute!”

“Will Grandma and Papa have wi-fi?” she asked me.

“Nope. They live on a farm and don’t have any technology where they’d need wi-fi. I don’t think Grandma even has a computer anymore.” Seemed like a pretty straightforward answer to me.

“Whaaaaat?!!!!” Celia, and now Helena, exclaimed. Really. They exclaimed.

Sensing my shock at their outrage, Celia tried a more reasonable tone: “Well, will we be able to go somewhere where there’s wi-fi?”

“Yeah, somebody will have it, right?” Helena added, urging me to offer a morsel of hope.

“Not on Thanksgiving . . . ”

“Mom, I’ve got to snap-chat on Thanksgiving!” Celia said, with the roll of the eyes that communicates, well, you know. “How am I gonna stay in touch with my friends?!!!!!!”

How absurd. A long car drive is one thing. No wi-fi on the other end? Sheer craziness.


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