A Madea Christmas

On Saturday afternoon, I picked up Edwina and Tyrone (her husband, who rotates between the nice and naughty list) for a movie. We chose A Madea Christmas. I’d heard about Tyler Perry’s role as Madea, but this would be my first time sitting through a movie starring him/her.

The outing was an adventure.

Edwina gets a lot of joy out of doing things that she didn’t have much opportunity to enjoy as a kid. I asked her if she’d been to the movies before and she said she’d gone a few times to the drive-in, but that particular theatre wasn’t there any more. Most of Edwina’s movie time occurs at home, where she occasionally pops in a dvd for the evening. Comedy is her favorite.

“Anything that makes me laugh,” she told me.

For A Madea Christmas, Edwina wanted the full experience. Popcorn. Coke. A seat right up front where you have to tilt your head back a bit to see the screen. Previews and closing credits.

The movie was funny. Edwina and Tyrone appreciated the day. It was a good way to spend a Saturday afternoon.


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