Baby, it’s cold out there

Birmingham is in shutdown. The temp this morning was a chilly 20 degrees, not for the Southern faint of heart. Downtown, Boutwell Auditorium is open to anyone living on the streets who might not survive the cold. And the grocery stores, as usual when a winter storm comes along, are sold out of water, batteries, and bread.

Celia and Helena had a two-hour delay on their first day back to school following the holiday break. While they were thrilled to sneak in some extra sleep, the temp outside didn’t make them happy.

“Do I have to wear a coat?” Celia wanted to know.


“Can I wear Chaco’s?” Helena chimed in. “I won’t be outside once I get to school.”


It’s all a matter of perspective. In Illinois, my parents are experiencing a whole lot of snow and ice. Temperatures today are around negative 20. Roads are closed, as are businesses. Nobody’s going anywhere, and those who do venture out are sure to wear coats and closed-toed shoes.


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