Single Moms Club

Yesterday, Edwina and I headed to a matinee. We’d made plans over a week ago to spend the day together, but neither one of us knew what might be showing.

As I listed off the movies currently in the theaters, Edwina listened intently on the other end of the line.

Divergent, Frozen, Son of God, The Single Mom’s Club . . . ”

“Yeah,” Edwina said confidently. “That’s the one I wanna see, about the single moms.”

So, off we went, leaving Tyrone at home this time around. He’d been drinking, and by 3:30 in the afternoon had evidently had too much alcohol to stand up on his own or sit through a movie. By the time we’d turned right out of the parking lot for her apartment building, Edwina was shaking her head about Tyrone’s drunken behavior.

“He always like that, Miss Rayan,” she said. “I told him I going to the movies alone with you, just you and me. He couldn’t come.”

The movie was definitely meant for us girls anyway. Five moms brought together by chance working to keep their kids in an elite school by collaborating on the annual fundraiser. Turns out the kids, supposedly affected by a variety of family issues attributed to single motherhood, were at risk of being expelled for inappropriate behavior. It was up to the moms to figure out how to save their kids’ futures at the same time they learned how to value themselves, their life choices, and (of course) the love and respect of others. Unsurprisingly, these others ended up being good men who could be relied on to treat their women right and make parenting a less solitary endeavor.

While the film was mediocre (and downright patronizing if I let myself go down that path), Edwina and I enjoyed ourselves.

Those two hours in a dark theater got Edwina’s mind off of things. Tyrone’s drinking. Steve’s incarceration and the doubts she has about the years of parenting him on her own. Some new physical symptoms that have Edwina’s doctors concerned.


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