September 15

Edwina reminded me the other day that her son Steve will be leaving prison on September 15. She can’t wait.

In all the time Steve’s been locked away, Edwina hasn’t visited him once.

“I told him I wasn’t gonna come see him til the day he gets out,” she told me.

“If I do, I’d be cryin’ all the way home cause he has to stay there and can’t come home with me,” she explained.

While Steve and Edwina haven’t seen each other face to face in many months, he calls her regularly. Sometimes several times a day.

“I thought inmates only got to call home once or twice a week,” I said when Edwina told me how often they touched base.

“Yeah, he got a cell phone in there, so he can call me whenever he wants,” she replied.

I didn’t ask any questions. My guess is that keeping a cell phone in your cell isn’t above-board behavior in prison.


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