Cleanliness, Godliness and all the rest emc=edit_th_20141118&nl=todaysheadlines&nlid=44005038&_r=0

India is often described as a country of contrasts. The richness of India–its vibrant colors, lyrical sounds and mouthwatering smells–is juxtaposed by filth, the noise of honking horns and human suffering.

As some segments of India prosper, waste becomes a greater problem as well. The author of the above NYT piece points to a couple of reasons: prosperity leads to increased consumption and the taking away of all that’s left over is the job of a few “untouchables” (rather than the work of the “many” who occupy the country).

India isn’t always the stuff of Bollywood, but that’s one of the things that draws me to it. What confronts a visitor to India is the reality of life, the unedited coexistence of joy and despair.


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