Cleaning up

A story in today’s NYT reports on efforts to clean up the streets of New Delhi prior to Obama’s visit:

Of particular concern are the cows and monkeys that roam freely throughout India. Cows, sacred reminders of Lord Krishna, create a burden for travelers when they wander freely through streets, and cars, rickshaws, bikes and elephants ridden or prodded by their mahouts must make way.

Monkeys, on the other hand, are mischievous animals. The first time I visited India, a monkey almost swiped one of my student’s cameras. Others hung by their feet  from trees and touched our heads as we walked by, I also had the chance to feed bananas to monkeys by the Ellora Caves, grand structures in South India filled with Buddhist, Hindu and Jain paintings and carvings. There, the monkeys were delightful–until we ran short on bananas!

It’s Saturday, a day when we get to sleep in and then tackle the messes we’ve made all week long. Laundry. Dusting and vacuuming. Picking up the stuff that we never got around to putting back in its proper place.

At least there aren’t any animals to shoo away.


2 thoughts on “Cleaning up

    • You’re absolutely right. I got caught up in the clearing of the streets of New Delhi and mixed up my references!

      The elephant is a symbol of Ganesha.

      Thanks for the clarification:-)

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