Alabama in the news, again

During the past week, Alabama has been front and center in the news. Again.

The majority of media attention has focused on the refusal of far too many judges in the state to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, despite a federal judge’s decision that a ban on same-sex marriage in Alabama (along with bans in other states) is unconstitutional. Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore disagreed with the federal judge’s decision and advised judges throughout the state not to go along with it.

Once again, Alabama goes its own way. It’s an embarrassment and a message to the world that “we don’t do things like the rest of y’all.”

I came across another story this morning that made me even sadder:

In a bedroom community of Huntsville, Alabama, a city which is known for being progressive, especially in the spheres of science and technology, an elderly Indian man was stopped and abused by police. The reason? He looked different and didn’t speak English.

I promise that not all of us in Alabama are so narrow-minded.


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