Celia and I are heading to England a week from today. I’ll be presenting a paper on the Indian women’s magazine Women’s Era, and then Celia and I plan to tour London. Since she didn’t get to accompany her church youth group to California last summer due to health problems, Celia is extremely excited to embark on an adventure in the UK. I’m looking forward to some one-on-one time with my oldest as well before she begins her senior year of high school!

As is often the case when I’m preparing to depart the country–especially when such a short amount of time has elapsed since my last international excursion–I find myself steeped in deadlines and seriously lacking enough sleep to feel both caught up and refreshed by the time we board the plane.

I’ve been thinking more than usual about sleep this past week for other reasons, too.

My friend Suzanne, who experienced a seizure after being sent home from the hospital following surgery for a brain aneurysm, was sedated for some time to allow her body to heal. It’s a strange feeling to know that someone you care about is on the mend, but can’t communicate to tell you how she’s doing. Fortunately, Suzanne is now awake and talking.

And just today, Edwina underwent a procedure to alleviate a blockage in her heart. Instead of inserting a stent, the doctors “burnt out” the blockage. They say her heart should be as good as new.

I noticed that while Edwina resisted the idea of being put to sleep several years ago when she was being wheeled in for a mastectomy, she didn’t have any objections this time around. In 2010, she feared that the doctors at Cooper Green would put her to sleep and forget to wake her up after her operation. Today at Princeton Hospital, she told me she just wanted to go to sleep and “get the operation over with.”

Sleep can be a good thing.


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