Edwina and Wanda Fay

Edwina (right) with her older sister, Wanda Fay, at our outing for Edwina’s birthday.


Today, after a long hiatus, Edwina and I agreed to meet up at the Burger King located across the street from Cooper Green Hospital in honor of her upcoming birthday on Wednesday. Many times, Edwina and I have headed to the same BK after a doctor’s appointment. She loves their famous Whoppers.

Edwina walked in with her sister Wanda Fay, who I’ve heard a lot about but never met personally. The two of them had me laughing for more than an hour, talking (mostly simultaneously) about their other sisters–the crazy ones!–the men in their lives, children, plans for the summer. As always, when I see Edwina, I remember how much I miss her. She’s funny and warm and doesn’t get overly concerned about the things she can’t control: her car that’s in the shop again, her husband Tyrone (who Edwina says is “gettin’ back into trouble, doin’ them drugs”), her son Steve who’s staying with a buddy out of town and living in a truck.

My friend had some good news to share as well. She has a new puppy named China. Her landlord dropped her rent by a few dollars recently. And her doctor thinks she might be able to take away some of Edwina’s pain with surgery in the next month or so.

Edwina promised to keep me in the loop. She’ll text or call until we can see each other again.


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