Good news

After a two-day delay, Edwina underwent surgery on Thursday. When we headed back to pre-op, the doctor who would perform the surgery gave us good news: The biopsy he’d sent off the week before had come back negative. No cancer! The worry in Edwina’s eyes immediately started to fade.

I called Edwina yesterday, as she was preparing to go home. While she was thrilled to be getting out of the hospital and to settle back into a familiar, far cozier environment, she knew she’d have some challenges when she got there.

Tyrone’s son would still be hanging out.

Her son, Steve, and his girlfriend would be running in and out.

Joe-Joe, Edwina’s brother, would be crashing on the couch some nights.

She’d still have a big bill to pay before she could get her car back in working order.

Edwina wasn’t sure how much food would be left in her refrigerator by the time she walked in the door of her apartment, or what kind of mess she’d find.

While it beats sleeping in a hospital, home isn’t always a worry-free zone.



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