25 Things to do on Sunday

While perusing headlines on my phone this morning, I came across a story called “25 things to do on Sunday to lose weight all week”:


Given the amount of food and wine I’ve been shoveling in of late to address the stress of caring for my ailing parents and spending so much time away from my husband and daughters, I thought the article might be instructive. The idea behind the piece is a good one. Rather than waiting until Monday morning to get a fresh start, it’s wise to lay the groundwork on Sunday.

Many of the tips offered, not specifically those that are food-related, are applicable to other weekly goals. Like writing.

Since I came to Illinois on April 24, my work schedule has been anything but productive. Two to three days a week, Dad and I sit in the infusion room for eight hours at St. Mary’s in Decatur or in one or another doctor’s office. Back at my parents’ house, most of my time is spent tending to Dad’s needs and the business of running a farm or making trips to the nursing home to see Mom. Many days, I turn on my laptop for the first time no earlier than 8 or 9 p.m. and find myself drifting off by midnight. Simply put, it’s hard to get any of the numerous tasks that I have on my plate done.

So, today, being a Sunday, I’m adopting some of the tips in the article–a few related to food and exercise (equally important for making the most of the week) and some that could just as well be about getting things done in the realm of work all week long.

In the week to come, I’ve made dates with myself to

  • compose an additional chapter for part II of my book-in-progress . . . while parts I and III are well underway, the second section focusing on my life growing up here in Illinois has been more difficult to put into words
  • finish and send article pitches to two editors
  • provide feedback on incoming student work

I’ll also stick to my plan to run on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, and complete the grocery shopping to make healthy meals to keep Dad and me well-fueled for the week.

Sundays have always been a day for reflection and rest. I’m thinking they could also be a day for planning and looking forward to a productive, happy week. Wherever I happen to be.



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