Here I am with Celia, age 13, and Helena, age 10. We're sailing away in Savannah.

>Welcome to my blog Cancer Hits the Streets, where you’ll find posts on surviving cancer, traveling, teaching, and writing. I’m a 17-year breast cancer survivor and my site will offer updates on my writing and advocacy work and glimpses of several communities that have graciously shared their stories of survival with me: women living in Lusaka, Zambia; the homeless with cancer who walk the streets of Birmingham, Alabama; and soon, people residing in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal, who turn to traditional healing practices embedded in Buddhism and Hinduism.

I’m also married to a great guy named Bruce and have two beautiful daughters, Celia and Helena.


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  1. Hi Cynthia! I found your blog after reading the Pink Crusade Panned article by Kevin Begos. I just posted on FB the question asking my friends and our followers (I work for AMC Cancer Fund – we raise money for the University of Colorado Cancer Center) how they felt about the plethora of pink in October. I would say most agreed that there can never be too much awareness, but that some companies perhaps get into it to make money and not necessarily for the cause. Should you buy a pink plastic bowl set for $30 that gives $5 back or should you just donate $30? I was happy to see the Ford Warriors T-shirts donate 100% back.

    Anyways, thanks for sharing on your blog!

    AMC Cancer Fund

    • Hi Brianna,

      Thanks so much for your thoughts! I agree that we have to think critically when we do make the choice to buy pink. The campaign isn’t 100% good–nor is it 100% bad. It’s up to us, I think, to be informed and know where our money is going.

      Welcome to my blog!


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